A Single Female’s Perspective on Naturism.

Written by Linda.

Being a single female Naturist for many years hasn’t always been easy, although it really is quite simple. I am a Naturist, which to me is a simple and very natural way of being. However, I have encountered difficulties along the way which have made it not always an easy process.

My choice is to be single and a Naturist. So, I have searched for places to go where I can be who I am, with no opinions, of perceptions of others put on me. A place where I can be welcome as a person. A place where it does not matter if I am alone, or not. It hasn’t bee an easy journey, but I have been successful!
I have met mostly couples and single men in my Naturist activities. Single female Naturist seem to be few and far between. I have met some wonderful people as I have found ‘safe’ places to go where I can soak in the mineral hot springs and bathe in the warm sunshine in the nude; which are my favorite things to do.
Being an extrovert, by nature, I enjoy every opportunity to meet people. The most interesting, friendly and ‘real’ people I have met have been through my participation in Naturist activities. I have been blessed to acquire many new friends who are also Naturist. We stay in contact and see each other as often as we can.
In the last four years I have encountered two women who were so real, so strong and filled with grace. They both touched me deeply. We spent time talking and they shared stories about their life experiences. Unfortunately, I will not have an opportunity to see either of them again, or to build a friendship with them which I would greatly value. One was a woman, age 60, who was from Australia. She had been on a three year walk about in the U.S. She was staying at a clothing optional hot springs just prior to returning to her home land. The other was an elderly lady of immense strength who walked with grace. She was from Holland and was a survivor of the Holocaust. Had I not been in a position to allow them into "my space" I would not have been blessed by the experience of meeting them and learning about their life.

I can’t help but believe there are more single female naturists out there. A lot more. It seems we aren’t all that apparent, or we stay to ourselves most of the time. I think I have a pretty good understanding of the reasons why. And why we often appear to be a couple so we may enjoy ourselves in a Naturist setting. At times we also appear as a family, which often times we are because we have children. The reality is that we are protecting ourselves because we have concerns about being "hit on."
Over time I have learned that I can have a good time and not have to appear as something I am not. I don’t have to stay to myself, or protect myself from being "hit on" by appearing to be with someone else. I hope it will continue to become easier for all of us single women. I would like to share my experiences and thoughts with others, and have done so more often as I encounter other naturists. I hope to see more of you single female naturists at future RMN activities.
Oh, by the way, I am a Mom and a Grandmother and I have a sixteen year old son at home who often soaks, suns and spends time with our Naturist friends. Please, don’t worry about people who have concerns about your participation with your children. There is nothing wrong, and it is their problem, not yours. My children and sons-in-law have accepted it and think it is fine! And their opinion is more highly regarded by me than anyone else I can think of.

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